New Offering for New Customers ROOKIE PACKAGE

The addition of “The Rookie Package” brings a $100 offering to the table for new customers to get a trial at the beginning of the season without a major commitment. The package will include just 10-20 photos and showcase the ability to order a la carte offerings based on those photos so you can sample for yourself the photos that AGP captures each game.. The $100 is fully creditable towards the purchase of a Basic or All-Star package at any time. During the first half of the season, the remainder of the full value of the gallery program will be required to be paid. After the first half of the season is over, the amount will be pro-rated based on the second half of the season and other minor adjustments may have to be made based on program offerings if the player was not shot during half the season such as adjustments to the digital player magazine. For more information visit the online store to see for yourself and compare our offerings.

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