5 Ways AGP Makes It Easy

The Westlake sports fanbase has started to catch on to ActionGalleryPros. There are a lot of easy benefits to using our services:

  1. You get to watch as opposed to work while the game is going on.
  2. Your player gets 2 highly experienced photographers who are watching for them to take the field and shoot the shots from different vantages. With different styles of photography.
  3. You get 2 creative artists who will create posters and prints that are very memorable.
  4. The price is pretty amazing if you consider the entire season and all the work that goes into it.
  5. We make it so easy for you with a new online store to sign up with, easy access to us during the season by phone or text, and technology that you would never go to the trouble to learn to use with which we hype up your player.

Over the years, we have seen many parents regret at the end of the season missing out on our services. AGP does everything possible to make the plan we sell you work for you. If there is something you’d like to tweak, want this type of shot, want a poster showing the player this way, need your ad to be completely unique, we’ve worked with parents just like you.

This year, you will receive a personalized welcome kit that gives you the low-down on everything we will be doing. Where you find this. When it will be there. How you get this. From what we’ve seen, every year we’re able to push the company a little bit farther.

If you’d like to order the All-Star package (regardless of player level or team) you just have to fill out the form and we’ll do the rest. If you’d like to have one of us call you to discuss the package and answer any questions, just fill out the call me form to the right of this blog.

Looking forward to shooting your player this season!

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